Oja-rem employees stand out for their quality, efficient and highly precise work. They are a team capable of adapting to each and every customer and of guaranteeing quality commitment at all times.

We use concurrent engineering aimed at simultaneously integrating product and services design and development, in order to consider all the elements in the product life cycle from the beginning, i.e. from origin to end. We use this technology globally with our customers to define the products and achieve the most efficient processes.

We use the appropriate tool design and manufacturing techniques to mass produce parts (usually in metal plate) which must be shaped on all edges by means of a press pressure.

We manufacture press shaped flat low steel parts. This technology enables the manufacture of a wide variety of parts and sets with highly diverse configurations. Depending on our customer’s needs, we offer a wide range of metal plate qualities and thicknesses which enables us to achieve results pursuant to our customer’s requirements. Oja-rem stamping capacity stands out for the use of new and modern machinery, as well as international prestige trademarks. Presses from 100 to 500 tonnes in progressive, single or double effect die, within an average dimensional range up to 700 mm.

We place the most modern and avant-garde welding technology at our customers’ disposal. We carry out computerised soldering and ERW to obtain the best results on the parts and sets we manufacture.

We provide integral service from design to final delivery. As an added value, we subcontract any treatment, coating or additional operation, in order to deliver parts to our customers with the best finish and guarantee.

We are management specialists. As an added differential value for our customers, we manage highly reliable transport.


Parque empresarial BOROA, 20

48340 Amorebieta

Bizkaia – Spain

GPS: 43.234823,-2.762933