At Industrias Oja-Rem S. L., a multi-sectoral company with a particular focus on the automotive sector, we strive to improve overall quality and ensure that the environment is protected, taking into account the statutory and regulatory requirements, and we have made the following undertakings:

  • Continual Improvement based on a preventive culture for the identification of risks and opportunities.
  • Business development and administration based on the improvement of processes and technology, seeking production efficiency and contributing to the reduction of variation and losses in the supply chain.
  • That our products and services should fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers.
  • Motivating and preparing staff for them to be committed to the customer.
  • Compliance with the legislation in force as well as any other requirements that the organization may undertake.
  • To prevent any pollution that the performance of our activity may cause by adopting good environmental practices and improving our processes wherever possible.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact associated with our activity, taking into account the resources available, and improving our environmental practices.
  • Allocating the resources necessary in order for the effective administration of the prevention of workplace accidents.

We comply with the requirements laid down in the ISO-9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001 standards, while also promoting the continual improvement of all areas of activity at our organization.



Packaging: Once the product has been used, the packaging becomes non-hazardous waste to be treated as such, via delivery to an authorised agent and/or recycling Company. In any event, possible reuse of the packaging on your premises should be considered prior to treating it as waste.

Discarded Parts: We should like to inform you that in the event parts shipped have to be discarded, they become non-hazardous waste (provided they are not impregnated with hazardous chemical substances), and as such should be treated via delivery to an authorised agent for recycling, thereby complying with current legislation at all times. In cases where the parts have been in contact with hazardous chemical substances, they must be treated as hazardous waste for safety reasons and delivered to an authorised agent, thereby complying with current legislation at all times. In any event, possible reuse of the parts in other processes should be considered prior to treatment as waste.



As part of our resource optimization policy and with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of our productive activity, in 2021 we reduced our oil consumption for component manufacturing by 8%. In addition, in 2022, we achieved a 33% reduction in plastic bags and 21% in cardboard boxes, used in our product packaging.

In 2021 we began the gradual elimination of internal combustion machinery, consolidated in 2022 with the acquisition of new electric forklifts. In 2023 we have reached a major milestone in our electrification objective with the installation of solar panels that will enable to guarantee that a large part of the electricity consumed in our production processes, comes from clean sources.

Oja-Rem is committed to the generation of renewable energy with a photovoltaic self-consumption installation of 310.80 kWp.

This new platform will enable us to achieve energy savings, improve competitiveness, increase energy self-sufficiency and contribute to the environment by producing sustainable energy.

This self-consumption PV project has been co-financed through the “self-consumption and storage with renewable energy sources” and the “implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector” incentive programs, within the “Recovery and Resilience Facility”, NextGenerationEU, European Union funds.



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