• At Oja-Rem, we handle the entire metal part manufacturing process, and this enables us to cut costs, optimise results and shorten lead times
  • Our Engineering Department designs and develops tooling and processes taking into account each of the production stages in constant communication with the client


At Oja-Rem, we have been manufacturing metal products for over 50 years, and throughout this time we have evolved to provide comprehensive solutions, adapting each project to its specific needs. Behind every part that leaves our facilities at Amorebieta, Vizcaya, there is a meticulous working process: from tooling design and development by our Engineering Department all the way to component delivery. We are always in constant communication with the client, sharing our knowledge on die-cutting and experience as a stamping company. The know-how we have accumulated over more than half a century has become one of our most outstanding differential values: we have the technical knowledge, overall perspective and necessary qualifications to advise you across all production stages, with a focus on improving your product while reducing costs and speeding up delivery times.

Our capability to undertake the entire project development process, from engineering, tooling and stamping to welding and other additional operations, is one of the main reasons why the automotive and energy industries choose us as their supplier of complex geometric parts, as we explained in a previous post.


Added value for product and processes

The machinery is perfectly oiled to reliably solve the different challenges that our clients present us with, no matter how complex they may be. Our continuous search for excellence makes us always go beyond the requirements specified by our clients when awarding us a project, bringing added value to both the product and the processes. As a trusted supplier, our clients find in Oja-Rem a partner that helps them achieve more competitive components and processes while bringing in a comprehensive approach. Not only do we listen to you during the whole ‘journey’, but we also inform you about the evolution, status, lead times and possible incidents.

In particular, our in-depth stamping knowledge makes us achieve optimised results, for example, by improving the parts’ geometry to ensure compliance with tests, or by reducing the thickness and weight of the parts thanks to the strengthening of the geometry by means of ribs, lamination… These slight modifications, which can only be carried out by companies with the right qualifications and experience, translate into less raw material consumption, less tooling maintenance, and greater robustness and reliability.

As a single supplier, response times and maturation periods, while flexibility is increased. In addition, incidents, if any, are always much easier to solve, since there is a single interlocutor who can easily detect the root cause and respond immediately. In this aspect, at Oja-Rem we are responsible for product quality up to the finished part, not only throughout the stamping stage.


In keeping with our commitment to concurrent engineering, when designing and developing products and services, our technicians consider all the tools’ and parts’ life cycle elements, from their origin to their final provision. These are the stages your project will undergo if you choose us as your supplier.


  1. Project awarding and planning. We receive the purchase order and product specifications and then set the timing.


  1. Product and process feasibility (FMEA). It is common for the client to modify initial specifications or add new ones. At this point, feedback is provided and, once this stage is over, a failure modes and effects analysis is performed.


  1. Process definition / flow and band charts. The operations required to manufacture the product, as well as the tools (stamping dies, welding tools, screw assembly tools, frames for coating operations, checking fixtures, etc.), need to be defined. In this stage, raw material consumption is defined.


  1. Procurement of the raw materials needed for the product. We work with coils, whose delivery time may vary depending on the quality of the material selected by the client, thickness, thickness tolerance restrictions, etc.


  1. Design and procurement of process tooling materials. Our technicians design the tooling, taking into account the load guide defined by Oja-Rem, and place the purchase order for the materials required for tooling manufacture.


  1. Tooling manufacture, assembly and adjustment. We manufacture the non-standard elements by machining, hardening and tempering, wire EDM, die-sink EDM, grinding and polishing… We assemble and adjust the manufactured elements. The first die test facilitates fault detection, 3D measurements and the execution of adjustments as required. The number of machine tests may vary depending on the complexity of the process and the product.


  1. Product and process test. This test enables dimensionally correct parts. If required, the necessary corrections are applied to ensure mass production and, finally, the process is tested.


  1. Outsourcing. At Oja-Rem, we handle the outsourcing of different operations such as surface coating, vibration, cleaning, machining, etc.


  1. Definition of packaging guidelines. We set the packaging guidelines to ensure that no parts are damaged during transport and that the most efficient solution is implemented (containers or boxes, bulk or sorted, special containers, etc.)


  1. Sending of approval and pre-series samples to the client and feedback. We send PPAP samples to the client, as well as a pre-series of parts for validation. Once the client shares their feedback, the process is adjusted, if necessary.


Now that you know how we work, contact us and request a meeting to discuss your project We will be happy to bring all our experience and knowledge to your business.


  • Learn about the strengths that have made us a benchmark in the design and manufacture of high added value metal parts in the automotive and energy sectors, among others

  • OJA-REM takes care of the complete process, from engineering to production. We are much more than just stamping



OJA-REM is a stamping company that provides comprehensive and customised solutions for each project and client, from design to tooling manufacturing. We produce parts and assemblies with very different configurations and the highest quality standards, providing efficiency, flexibility and customisation in each work. After more than 50 years of experience in metal product transformation, our business is constantly evolving, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge accumulated to provide the most reliable response to the specific demands of the automotive, energy and lifting sectors, among many others.

We have come a long way since our inception in 1965 as a small die-cutting workshop, but our know-how and commitment to excellence remain intact in our DNA. One of our most valued factors compared to the competition is that we take care of the entire project, from engineering to final production, in close collaboration with the client and providing solutions customised to their needs. The result is much more agile and flexible production processes; we can respond to any operational problem or part modification very quickly and efficiently, reducing costs and production times.

If you want to take advantage of OJA-REM’s experience and knowledge to boost your business, do not hesitate to contact us.


These are just some of the virtues that have earned us the loyalty of our clients. Want to know more reasons to choose us as a trusted supplier?




We have more than 50 years of experience to back us up. In all this time we have established ourselves as a benchmark in stamping, welding and assemblies with countless projects of all kinds for various sectors. We design and build complex geometric parts for the AUTOMOTIVE sector (exhaust pipe supports; Top Mounts metal parts; parts for seat structures; pipe coupling brackets; horn brackets, chassis, window lifters, engine, airbags; plastic injected washers for shock absorbers… and the ENERGY sector (caps, inlaid parts, welded assemblies…), among many others.




With a powerful IN-HOUSE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, we develop the complete project from the clients’ diagrams, providing our knowledge in die making and experience in stamping to solve the most complex challenges. In fact, this is one of our strengths compared to other competitors. The entire process is carried out at our facilities in Amorebieta (Vizcaya), from the engineering, tooling and stamping, to welding and other additional operations (treating, coating, plastic injection…) that we subcontract to generate a part with greater added value and through a single supplier. OJA-REM is a logistics management specialist, and also takes care of product transport so that the client does not have to worry about anything.




Throughout the whole lifetime of a part, OJA-REM  GUARANTEES and is RESPONSIBLE for the dies’ good condition, and we can give a quick and efficient response even in cases where the part requires modifications. As a stamping company, our dies are created from the design phase, to simplify mass production and minimise maintenance idle times.




Our complete and modern machine park provides us with great versatility when it comes to tackling projects and giving a customised response for our clients. This makes us an agile, flexible and efficient supplier. Thanks to the significant and continuous investment for the renewal of machinery, at OJA-REM we have state-of-the-art equipment, conceived exclusively for us, for DESIGN, STAMPING, CONSTRUCTION and WELDING work.




With strong presence in the domestic market, our focus is set on continuing to grow abroad, with France and Germany as our main goals. Our solutions already reach nine European countries, as well as Mexico, Turkey and Morocco. The journey has only just begun. We are currently in an expansion and growth process, identifying new opportunities in different business niches.

If you are looking for comprehensive solutions for stamping parts and assemblies, we need to talk. Click on the link and find out what we can do for you.


Last week we welcomed vice-president Pablo Iglesias to our facilities in Amorebieta.

Conceived within the Vice-President’s usual contacts with social and economic agents, it allowed General Manager Begoña San Miguel to guide Mr. Iglesias through our premises and show him our most innovative machinery and processes.

During the visit they also had the opportunity to discuss various issues of common interest related to the Basque industrial network, family run businesses and gender equality in business, among other topics. Begoña San Miguel has highly valued this meeting: « it has allowed us to bring to light a type of company that is not usually under the spotlight, but which is very representative in the sector and in our industry, » she said, « it has also given us the opportunity to show ourselves the way we are, a deeply rooted company and a highly qualified and cohesive team that works together for the same goals. ”


Interview for the Bizkaia Provincial Council

SEYI SD2-300

Our new 300T SEYI Servo Press, a compact design for a greater flexibility, more complex parts and better quality. New production horizons!




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